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Lamel is a Ukrainian brand that produces cosmetics that are accessible to everyone. They create innovative products and shape new beauty trends not only in Ukraine but also around the world. 


Create a promotional video to present two new products from Lamel at once. 

These are brow wax, a transparent gel for eyebrows and eyelashes with a laminating effect, and brow fixing soap for creating thick, trendy eyebrows.


The target audience of our promo is young girls. And they love experiments. That's why the message of our video is that we can be anything we want. Different every day. And at the same time, every time, we create a new image that suits our character and mood with the help of Lamel products.

And we wouldn't be us if we didn't use artificial intelligence as one of the elements of the story. Backgrounds generated through Stable Diffusion became the highlight of our promo and made us stand out among the competition.

The filming process

Although only two actresses starred in the video, we had to conduct our biggest casting call. In total, we received 35 applications. And since we are advertising an eyebrow product, the main criterion for choosing models was cool, super-lush, thick eyebrows! 

That was the main, but not the only, condition. The girls' appearance also played a significant role.

Ksenia, producer: 

“We planned to create two looks for the girls: a more brutal rebel and a cuter insta-hair, so we looked at features, eye color, hair, and a certain charisma and tried these looks on the candidates. We made many models, and our clients decided their favorites quickly. We got feedback from them in just 1 minute!”

And as a result, we have a super pink (a bit Barbie-ish) video, but at the same time, a trendy and modern video. With the use of AI and two products from a cool Ukrainian brand. We like it, don't you?

AI generated backgrounds

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project team

and action

Victoria Suprun

Production Lead

Ksenya Kurylyshyn


Ivan Ishchenko

Creative Lead

Serhii Mysak


Mariana Fedyna


Ihor Malytskyi




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