Silpo Delivery

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Increasingly, Ukrainians are not just wanting to buy food, they're seeking places where they can have fun and gain new experiences. That's why so many people [and we tooooo] choose Sil'po.

Here, there's an in-house bakery with hot buns, a confectionery [mmmm we want to buy that all], proprietary import goods, the labels at which you’re gazing for hours, and food court-style restaurants... and it's sooo beautiful there. Interiors full of details, individually created for each venue, are always a joy to look at.

So, we were really excited when the agency Tobedone approached us with a proposal to create animated videos about Sil'po's grocery delivery. Because we ourselves are fans and customers of this fantastic Ukrainian brand.


The main message of the videos: Sil'po delivers not just food, but a delicious mood.

Tobedone already had developed sketches for the scripts. Therefore, our task was to create: key visual, animation for three short videos (6 sec each) and one general 15-second video.

In the plot, a courier from Sil'po comes to our main characters: a girl, a boy, and a couple in love, to deliver them packages with products, which transform their day into an unforgettable atmospheric event.


To start with, we decided to refine the characters. We suggested making them more expressive, to be memorable.

So, the girl turned into a granny who does yoga. Why not? We know such grannies. We also added cherry earrings to her. Because it was the element that evoked the most positive emotions in the team when developing the key visual.

In the second video - "Saturday relaxations" - instead of a man with a book, a gamer in Yoda slippers appeared.

Well, as for the couple in the third video, we left them as they were in Tobedone - just in love [she's dreamy, and he's all this romantic guitarist]. But the guy became just a tiiiiny bit Spanish.

"All because when I was preparing to illustrate and animate him - I was inspired by a video on YouTube, where some Spaniard was very emotionally playing the guitar," says our illustrator Olya.

And, as a result, here are the drafts of our visuals:

Another favorite detail in the videos is the filling of mood packages from Sil'po. We didn't create one bag that appears from video to video. No, each character received their own set of products.

  • Yoga lady - apples, bananas, milk, and kitty cat food;
  • Gamer - pizza, two cans of cola/beer, popcorn, and fresh strawberries;
  • The couple - flowers, wine, oranges, blue cheese, and fresssssh fragrant baguettes from Sil'po [yum-yum].

All products are very basic and familiar, so it's easy for viewers to draw parallels with what he or she buys and to remember about Sil'po delivery.


We made the graphics and animation as crafty as possible. We even chose a slight primitivism in style. For this, we greatly simplified the background objects and surroundings.

The illustrations turned out to be colorful and cheerful because that's the character Sil'po has. At the same time, we adhered to the main colors of the brand book: orange, blue, and dark blue.

Each video also received vertical and square adaptations, and the packshot is used as a banner in outdoor advertising.


Well, and we wouldn't be ourselves if we hadn't left tiny references in the videos, which are associated with Sil'po. Have you managed to find them?

In the first video - the yoga mat resembles the pattern "Shops of Traditions" (it's a project to support Ukrainian producers from Sil'po).

In the second, we encrypted their permanent promotion - a set of pizza and two cans of cola/beer.

In the third - the abstract painting on the wall refers to the logo of "Premium", Sil'po's trademark.

Well, that seems to be all)

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project team

and action

Vitaly Nebelsky


Olya Barabach

Art director

Olya Barabach


Teymur Bzikadze, Olya Barabach


Anatoliy Bogomazov

Sound designer​​



Creative Agency

Myroslava Chinar

Art director

Kyrylo Danilskyi


Margarita Masliy

Account manager​​​​

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