Polio Vaccine

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The World Health Organization recognized the significant threat polio poses to young children, especially in areas where vaccination rates are low. They devised a strategy to raise awareness about the importance of immunization against this debilitating disease. Our agency collaborated with WHO to produce an animation video that elucidates the dangers of polio and the vital role of vaccination. The animation distinctly addresses the modes of transmission, potential symptoms, and the benefits of following Ukraine's vaccination schedule. Through powerful imagery, the video accentuates the protective shield vaccination provides, urging parents to consult their family doctors and safeguard their children's future.

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project team

and action

Vitalii Nebelskii

Creative Director

Marina Buchynska

Art Director

Dmytro Koval

Project Manager

Olexandra Bolotova

Illustrator 1

Sofia Pokorchak

Illustrator 2

Volodymyr Boyko


George Creator

Sound design


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