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TechMagic is a Ukrainian company that develops web and mobile projects of varying complexity. They created a platform for streaming the Olympic Games, services for Fortune 500 companies [such as Ryanair or Deloitte], and more. Isn't it cool? 

Despite its small size for an IT company and employing 300+ people, TechMagic is definitely not invisible. Their recognizable style—a logo with a bird, a branded color, a light, and friendly tone of voice, and a reputation for high-level employees—makes them stand out in the market.


TechMagic is currently developing its employer brand. Our task was to create a video that would help them with this. The video should not just talk about the company's core values and attract potential candidates but also adapt to foreign markets and remain relevant for years. 


We started by briefing the client. 

Although we have been working with the IT market since creation and action, we noticed an exceptional, warm atmosphere at TechMagic. Our feelings were later confirmed in a survey conducted by the company. For example, when asked, “What do you love about TechMagic?” the most common answer was ”the people.” 

And what's great is that the company has a low staff turnover. That is, people don't want to leave. People work here for an average of three or more years, so it's not easy to get into the team, and they hire specialists at least at the middle level. 

Those who have already been with TechMagic appreciate its ease of communication, teamwork, and the fact that no one hides behind closed doors; you can easily have lunch with the CEO or top executives. Everything is free! 

That's how we realized that the company's slogan, “You deserve to love your job,” is not a set of beautiful words but the company's practice. And this practice should be reflected in our video.


Through its actions and atmosphere, TechMagic says, “You can love the place where you work. And we create it for you. That's why we decided to reveal this value through a brand manifesto.” 

But who would believe a company that declares its love for work in its advertising? That's why we decided to move away from a banal promo in which we promise programmers what every company already offers. How can we impress them then? With a list of benefits? Does everyone have that with cookies? You won't surprise anyone with that. Work from home? Like in that meme, it's already been done.  

Of course, this is all important, but we thought of creating a manifesto about love—not for work but for yourself. Yes, yes. It's a bit unexpected, but we all know confident people love themselves and choose jobs where they are treated accordingly. And this is precisely what TechMagic is about.

“Because when you love, you don't settle for something that's not worth your time.”
“You know you deserve the best,” says our manifesto. 

Prove us wrong.


At TechMagic, everyone reflects the company's culture and slogan. People recommend their friends and acquaintances to work here because they will do their job. Community is important to the employees, so we wanted them to be the heroes of this brand manifesto.  

We filmed in the office to show the reality of working for the company and how easy it is to work and have fun. Not only at the desks but also by adding an informal atmosphere—shots from the kitchen, the playroom, and the team's photo shoot. 

Here's what our director, Olya Martsenyuk, says about this visual:

“Our audience is young professionals. They are 27, 28, and 30 years old, and at the same time, they are already middle- and senior-level professionals. That's why we didn't try to make a super serious video. On the contrary, the TechMagic team is very friendly and easy to communicate with. That's what we decided to convey. We mixed different visual styles and added trendy film footage and 3D photos to do this. So it turned out to be stylish, easy, and fun.” 

TechMagic is growing, so we have adapted the manifesto to different languages. The video was also released in Polish and English.

Oh, and we also adapted it for social media. In total, we made a long 1-minute video, short 15-second adaptations with different messages from our manifesto, and vertical videos for Instagram.

Well, that's all about our work. And what are the results?


TechMagic brand manager Oksana Svatko: 

“It was a good idea to involve our specialists in the promotion. People shared the video because they starred in it, and, accordingly, the coverage grew. Many people said they liked the video because it was atmospheric. There were also comments that it differed from the rest, and some said it was youthful. Also, after the release, more people were willing to appear in such videos in the future.” 
“According to our data, the main time spent watching the video is the first 18 seconds. That is, most people watched until the end of the first verse. Accordingly, the 15-second video we launched for advertising did quite well on YouTube, as it had a clear message, and if someone was interested, they immediately clicked on the link.”


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project team

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Bohdan Lysyk

Art Director

Roman Petrusyak


Olya Martsenyuk


Veronika Homeniuk


Mariana Fedyna


Dmytro Myslinchuk

1st AC

Ivan Kovalyshyn


Anatolii Panchenko


Roman Cayman


Ksenia Kurylyshyn

Set Designer

Yulia Aski


Yara Undercover


Ihor Malytskyi



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