PEeX: Your Contribution Counts

We all strive for fair pay, so even the tiniest contribution should count. SoftServe created PEeX, a new performance review platform, for its employees — and it was just what they had been waiting for. PEeX helps SoftServians gain new expertise and grow professionally. And perhaps most importantly, it reflects all their skills and achievements in the final paycheck. Once the platform was ready, the only thing left to do was introduce it to all 13,000 SoftServe employees and make them fall in love with it. 

To introduce PEeX, we created a promo video that evokes emotions. It contains gags, IT slang, comical situations, and heroes in whom you might be able to relate: a junior doing a senior’s job, a Rubyist coding in Python, a PM working at her own pace and delivering great projects.

During the first three months of the promo campaign, the video reached 600,000 current and potential SoftServe employees. This video has helped both to tell about the PEeX program itself and to show people how cool SoftServe evaluates its employees and truly cares about them.

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Ivan Ischenko

Art Director

Mariana Fedyna

Creative Copywriter

Kate Tiuri


Victoria Suprun


Roman Petrusyak


Ivan Kovalyshyn  


Veronika Homeniuk 

Casting Manager

Oksana Pihel


Julia Aksionova 


Ksenya Kurylyshyn 

Set Designer

Irena Nosko

Props Master

Danya Kovach,  Daryna Gorielova, Oleg Papikyan

Art Department

Ruslan Yurkiv  

Location Assistant

Roma Cayman  


Miya Zheplinska 


Ihor Malytskyi


Margo Besarab


Volodymyr Boyko


Dmytro Muchychka

Sound design


Zenovii Pavlyuk

Director of HR Marketing

Artem Kuchin


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