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Our pets are not just animals. How can anyone even begin to call them "just animals"?
They are our friends, comrades, loyal partners, teachers, and even protectors. Each with its own character, habits, dark and bright sides. They are members of our family. And we love and care for our family members.
The creative agency TAKTIKA approached us with the idea of an ad campaign for the pet shop MasterZoo.

MasterZoo has been in the market for 15 years already. Over this time, they have grown and realized that they need new positioning. So TAKTIKA made the rebranding for them, updated their identity and came up with an idea for a new advertising campaign. And they involved us in conveying this idea.

The new style of MasterZoo has become more expressive, but at the same time light and heartfelt. In this style, we created 3 promotional videos.


But first, a bit more about the idea.

TAKTIKA provided us with the scripts for the videos with detailed location descriptions. According to the plot, pet owners talk about their pets. However, they describe them not just as animals, but ascribe human characteristics to them: “Well, this cat is exactly like Oleg, who hauls cars”. Because pets are personalities too. With their own character, habits, and even hobbies.

So meet our videos about Venya - the star-gazing vegetarian rat, dog Lyonya - the regional manager pug, and Oleg the cat, who smuggles cars across the border.


The idea of location in the videos was interesting as well.

Essentially, it’s a mix of real shots with animation. So we had to do more than just create an animation. No. Live animals needed to be organically integrated into an animated environment. To do this, we closely cooperated with the video production company Electricsheepfilms, which filmed the animals and their owners following our sketches.
While the main characters had their star time in front of the video cameras, we were drawing their graphic doubles and secondary characters and were illustrating locations.

The new brand strategy for MasterZoo had a cool proprietary illustration style [something like: “I drew this cat with a black marker myself, aren't I clever?” :)], which we relied on. The integration of the pets into such an environment was made as realistic as possible by means of shadows. If you look closely, you can see that we even drew the shadow from their paws.

Well, we also natively embedded the MasterZoo logo into the clips. Were you able to find all of them?

The color palette corresponds to the updated brand colors [purple and green, of course].

The packshots are also the result of our work. We did them following the agency's guidelines and added the animated main characters from each video. There you can find the branded font, colors according to the brand book, and the main characters Venya, Oleg, and Lyonya, drawn with a black marker as if by hand. It's a bit naive, but so heartfelt, just like the stories themselves.


Three funny videos for one of the biggest pet shops in Ukraine. Our clients are super satisfied, as well as ourselves:

“This project was light-hearted and fun. The agency came to us with funny scripts, ideas, and visions for the videos, and we really liked that. I personally love such projects where you can experiment and create unusual interesting short animations,” —

Olya, illustrator


Viewers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok really loved our ads. They were particularly well received on TikTok.

The videos soared and subscribers often recognized themselves and their pets. They even shared their own stories in the comments. 

So, together with TAKTIKA, we created cool and atmospheric videos that were loved by both old and new brand clients.

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project team

and action

Vitaly Nebelsky


Marina Buchynska

Project manager

Olya Barabakh

Art director

Olya Barabakh, Oleksandra Bolotova


Vitaly Nebelsky, Teymur Bzykadze

2D animation

Olya Barabakh, Oleksandra Bolotova, Lyera Belkevich
Composing / Teymur Bzykadze

Frame-by-frame animation



Creative agency

​​Ilya Pochkun, Roman Gurbanov

Creative director

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