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USoftware is a software development company with a unique client interaction system.

What sets them apart? Transparency!

USoftware tailors and assembles a team according to the client's request and allows the client to buy out the team. They also provide access to all information, including the team's actual rates. In short, USoftware's uniqueness lies in its transparency.


USoftware has its own [very effective] service sales system: they constantly experiment and try new communication methods with potential clients. USoftware approached us with a desire to increase the response rate using a video they use in lead generation.

From the first conversation, we immediately felt their bold attitude, clear understanding of their advantages, and desire to do something different. They did not want standard or boring videos. They needed a video for several international markets that would captivate from the first second.


The key to creating our solution was the client's clear differential advantage and willingness to engage in bold communication.

Often, USoftware's potential clients collaborate with outsourcing companies, so we thought: why not lightly poke fun at the reality faced by IT companies' end clients in the video?

During the briefing, the client repeated the word "outsourcing" so often that it became synonymous with the word "sauce" to us. At that moment, we realized that "dressing up" work was like pouring yesterday's dish with sauce. It doesn't turn it into a Michelin masterpiece. It's just the same, unappetizing dish, just dressed up [and looks better because of it].

This association resonated with everything the client was saying. From this, our idea emerged:

"Don't outsauce your business."

What is it about?

If outsourcing sells its services "under a sweet sauce," why not show it?
We decided to literally translate this sauce-pouring metaphor into the video.
According to the idea, we were supposed to pour sauce over the outsourcing clients and their documents and services, then contrast this approach with the sincere conversation that USoftware invites at the end of the video.

The idea was risky and bold. So, when we proposed it to the client, they decided to play it safe by conducting testing to see the reactions of both partners and clients.

We created a simple animatic and sent it to the client's team. We received good feedback. People liked it—not just liked it—they were excited about its boldness. That gave the final green light: the idea "Don't outsauce your business" received official approval to proceed.

Key visual for test, AI generated by and action team


Next, we began preparing for the shoot. And there were two crucial aspects to pay attention to.
First - the container from which the sauce would be poured.
Second - the sauce itself.

Our task was to make the sauce as visually appealing as possible. It shouldn't spread out in the frame but look like real sauce.

Here, too, artificial intelligence came into play. We tested all the critical visuals through mid-journey on different audiences to understand what works better [ketchup or cheese sauce].

Veronika Homeniuk, producer:
"The sauce involved human contact, so it had to be not only aesthetic but also safe. It had to flow, have not too thick, but not too thin consistency, not be sticky, and not look disgusting. This was very important because it's the main element of the video, and if it's visually off-putting, people won't watch the video. We considered different options for the sauce - garlic, ketchup. But we decided to go with cheese sauce. It was a neutral and the most acceptable option. And then we looked for ways to reproduce the color of cheese sauce. Our office was filled with bowls where we "made" sauce. It was a challenging but interesting process."

We shot the video in the USoftware office, but we recreated two visually and atmospherically different locations within it: the first, a gray office of an outsourcing company, and the second, a bright and positive USoftware office.

Despite being one location, we tried to avoid any similarity - from furniture placement to the frame's colors. And we succeeded.

The video participants were the company's employees. It was important for us that USoftware's clients recognize the people they communicate with within the video, and the video doesn't feel like an ad for which actors were hired. Even here, we needed to convey the transparency and sincerity that USoftware claims. That's why the company's team also participated in the filming process.

All of this became part of the result we achieved.


The result of the project was successful: the usage of our video Usoftware increased the response rate from cold leads outreach 

by ~25%, which allowed us to improve sales for our client.

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project team

and action

Creative Lead: Ivan Ishchenko
Director: Sergiy Mysak
PM: Ksenia Kurylyshyn
Producer: Veronika Homeniuk
Post-production Producer: Ksenia Kurylyshyn
Cinematographer: Max Malinovsky
Creative Copywriter: Mariana Fedyna
Stylist: Yara Yara
Art Director: Dara
Makeup Artist: Aksionova
Editor: Igor Malytskyy

United Software

USoftware team

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