Made with bravery

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Made with bravery is the official marketplace of Ukraine (

It sells clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods, food and much more from the best Ukrainian manufacturers.

Made with bravery will allow foreigners to buy Ukrainian brands, and businesses to expand and find new customers abroad. And this means earnings, jobs, and opportunities to donate and keep the economy of Ukraine stable. 5% of each purchased product goes to the rebuilding of Ukraine via the U24 platform. Therefore, every purchase to Made with bravery is a brick in our new walls.

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project team

and action

Ivan Ishchenko


Victoria Suprun


Roman Dzvonkovskyi, Danya Maliuha 

Stop Motion Animation

Daryna Horielova

Set designer



Oleksii Lieskov, Roman Petrusyak


Olya Barabakh, Sonya Katsal


Teymur Bzikadze, Olya Barabakh, Denys Diana, Danylo Reznychenko


Illia Kushlyk


Kodi Slem


Alina Borshchva


Myshko Adamchak, «KORALLI»


Epiphany sound

Sound design and mixing

Banda agency

Oleksiy Divisenko  

Creative Director

Anastasia Burhanova 

Senior Copywriter

Kris Foschchai 

Junior Art Director

Sonia Zvenhrosh 

Junior Art Director

Sonia Panasenko  

Junior Copywriter

Victoria Basiuk, Oleksiy Prylipka 


Serafyma Schpin' 

Junior Designer

Mykyta Trehub 


Olena Zayats' 

Team Lead

Nastya Polikarchuk 

Project Manager

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