Slurpee & Big Gulp

7-Eleven Hawaii


Food & Beverage, Retail


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We took part and won an international tender for 7-Eleven Hawaii!
Our agency developed a creative concept, including script and characters for the new line of packaging.

2 videos, 15 seconds each, were created for the legendary products - SLURPEE and BIG GULP.Scroll down to see more about making those videos.


Styleframe and Character Design - SLURPEE

Every Hawaiian has its own favourite SLURPEE. And we decided to give a tribute to all who are in love with the drink by creating characters that represent different sizes of the SLURPEE cups - from small to extra large.

We started with creating characters design and afterwards, in cooperation with the client, we made changes to it.

Each of the characters has its age, ethnicity, activity, and, of course, favourite SLURPEE cup.

Meet Kai, Liam, Mateo and Emma!

Meet Kai - uninhibited and fearless, Kai is a young skateboarder who is always ready to take her thirst on an adventure.
Favorite SLURPEE: Watermelon
Biggest Fear: Homework!

Meet Liam - Liam never goes unnoticed - always smiling, dancing and bringing the party while they vibe out with their favorite SLURPEE.
Favorite SLURPEE: Blue Raspberry

Biggest Fear: Songs without a beat! 

Meet Mateo - never afraid to take a bite out of life - literally. Sandwiches, chips, taquitos, musubi, salads, donuts, hot dogs, jerky, fruit.

Favorite SLURPEE: Root Beer
Biggest Fear: Walking into 7-Eleven without his wallet!

Meet Emma - Emma has a permanent love for 3 things: her family, her garden and SLURPEE.Favorite SLURPEE:

BananaBiggest Fear: Accidentally littering!


Styleframe and Character Design

Meet Leo - if there is anything better than riding waves for Leo, it’s enjoying a fizzy BIG GULP after riding the waves.
Favorite GULP favor: Coca-Cola (or Lilikoi)
Biggest Fear: Taking off his shades!

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project team

and action

Art director: Vitalii Nebelskij

Illustrator: Olya Barabakh

Cell animator: Olya Barabakh

Motion: Teymur Bzikadze

Sound Designer: Anatolij Bogomazov

7-Eleven Hawaii

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