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Rethought clothes store


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We buy clothes. And when we don't wear it, we throw it in the trash. So instead of buying a new one, you should use what you already have. This is conscious consumption. YASNA RICH is a social charity shop from Kharkiv. 90% of the clothes here are donated to charity, and the rest are sold. Hence the name - YASNA (means king, good, clear in Ukraine), is a good thing. But a reasonable initiative is not always visually appealing, is it?


Get rid of the social and charitable component of the store and become a fashionable place where you can drink coffee, come to a lecture on rejuvenation, and find new acquaintances.


Arrow - about moving forward. At the same time, it is a symbol for marking recyclable products. In the logo, the arrow is combined with the letter "Я" (in Ukrainian means I, me), which means changes that begin with each of us.


The YASNA RICH is a second-hand shop. We wanted to remove this stigma and target those ashamed of second-hand. Such shops used to be associated with humanitarian aid, but now it's a new norm! Rethinking everywhere! Instead of producing garbage, we reuse what is at hand. The colors are as if from clothes washed million times but are still worn.


The free Arial font was chosen for the store, which is often found in provincial signs and advertising design. It may seem embarrassing to use this font, just as awkward as wearing second-hand clothes. However, YASNA RICH rethinks old clothes through its activities, and in visual communication, it rethinks the font.



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Project Team

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Art director: Ivan Ishchenko
Designer: Katya Didyk
Copywriter: Maryana Fedyna
Strategist: Khrystyna Boyko
Motion design: Vova Boyko


Iryna Salnyk
Natalia Ryabukha

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