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During the martial law, the city of Lviv has united as it has never done before to receive fleeing Ukrainians - the city profoundly cares about all of those who are in desperate need of shelter. At the same time, the world is uniting to help Ukraine.

United for Ukraine is a global initiative to tell stories of ordinary people, all those who, every day, lend a hand to Ukrainian IDPs or refugees with care and hospitality, humanitarian aid, donations, and many other types of support.

Objective: to design a logo for the United for Ukraine initiative. It was important that the logo used the colors of the Ukrainian flag and was associated with a "shelter."

Audience: Ukraine and the whole world.

Challenge: Since russia invaded Ukraine, a lot of visual communication using blue & yellow colors was created, so it was necessary not to get lost among other logos.

IDPs or refugees are mostly given shelter in school gyms, theaters, and hangars. So we were inspired by those places.

The idea of the logo is a shelter, a safe place where everyone can find peace. The yellow light of the window symbolizes warmth and comfort. The logo also represents the united world. If you look at the map of Europe, Ukraine is on the right side, the same place as the lit window on our logo.

To draw the world's attention to the problem, United for Ukraine made an installation to demonstrate war horrors. UFU put strollers in the central Market Square in Lviv — one for every child killed since the start of the Russian invasion.

"When there's no technology that will close our sky, it will be protected by the souls of children who have already died because of the war." We decided to show the helplessness of the adults in this war. While we cannot make the right decisions because of fear or bureaucracy, our children are dying. And now, we're no longer protecting them. No, we have already failed. Now, the children are protecting us because they have become angels.

Physically, the installation lasted one day. Photos and videos from it have spread around the world. This was talked about by local residents, famous Ukrainians, and various world media sources.



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Project Team

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Ivan Ishchenko

Art Director

Mariana Fedyna


Khrystyna Boyko


Vova Boyko


Nazar Shpilchak

Lviv City Council

Svitlana Kryzhanivska-Blinova

Ostap Protsyk

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